Find Your Favorite Recipes
Harridan Vodka
Dragon's Blood
Combine cinnamon, chili peppers, and orange for a refreshing cocktail with subtle spice.
Van Gogh Vodka
Espresso Martini
Created with Van Gogh's signature Double Espresso Vodka, a coffee-inspired creation makes the perfect cocktail.
Van Gogh Vodka
Flexible Plans
Elevate cocktail hour with this effortless blend of Van Gogh’s signature unflavored vodka, refreshing citrus and zingy ginger beer.
Crystal Head Vodka
Canadian Mule
Extra refreshing on a hot day, why not?
Mediterranean Mule
Try Figenza's twist on the classic Moscow Mule.
Boston Mojito
The Boston Mojito is a delightful cocktail that requires only a handful of ingredients, most of which are fresh and may even be right there in your kitchen.
Koskenkorva Vodka
Forest Tonic
A refreshing tonic straight outta village.
LS Cream
Whipped White Russian
The White Russian is a delicious and easy-to-make cocktail. Combining vodka, coffee liqueur, and LS Cream and serving it on the rocks creates a decadent alternative to adult milkshakes.
Coffee Martini
Coffee & Koskenkorva, what a pair!
Butterfly Martini
This blush cocktail is guaranteed to please all your guests.
White Fig Cosmo
Toast the holiday season with a festive white martini.
Crown Royal
Vanilla Lime Mule
Try the Crown Royal Vanilla Lime Mule cocktail recipe, with Crown Royal Vanilla Whisky, ginger beer, and bitters.
Ketel One
Ketel Botanical & Soda
Delight in the real ingredients and natural flavors of the Ketel One® Botanical & Soda.
Infuse Spirits
Georgia Peach Moscow Mule
The Georgia Peach Moscow Mule combines fresh peaches and the bold taste of Infuse Spirit Vodka for a sweet twist on the classic cocktail.
Ketel One Oranje
Oranje Soda
Ketel One® Oranje Vodka has a bright orange crispness and juicy orange notes. Enjoy it in this delicious Oranje Soda.
Crystal Head Vodka
Viva La Piña
Enjoy Crystal Head Onyx in this pineapple infused Viva La Piña cocktail.
Home Sweet Home
A super-easy lingonberry cocktail.
The Cosmopolitan
The sophisticated and elegant Cosmopolitan gets a makeover with sharp Absolut Citron vodka.
Heroes Vodka
Heroes Trailblazer
Our take on the classic Blueberry Smash cocktail to honor Opha Mae Johnson, the first woman to enlist in the United States Marine Corps on August 13, 1918.