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Preparing the Perfect Brunch Cocktails

Get ready to impress your brunch guests with these perfect cocktail recipes. From mimosas to bloody marys, elevate your brunch game with our guide.

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Bartending Techniques

How to Use Egg Whites into Your Cocktails

When you think of your favorite cocktails and what ingredients they may consist of, you might think of citrus juices or simple syrup. But what about egg whites?

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The 2024 Drinks Holiday Calendar

Discover a new holiday cocktail for every occasion with ReserveBar's holiday drinks calendar. From New Year's Eve to Christmas, find your perfect sip.

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Smoked Cocktails: Why And How To Make Them

Take your cocktail game to the next level with our guide to smoked cocktails. Discover why and how to make these unique and flavorful drinks at home.

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Alternative Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebration with these alternative cocktails. Discover new and creative ways to enjoy this festive occasion with our recipes.

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Bartending Techniques

Essentials For Your Home Cocktail Bar

Upgrade your home bartending skills with our guide to essential cocktail bar tools. Elevate your drinks game and impress your guests like a pro.

Featured Cocktails

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Aperol Spritz

The orange is unmistakable, a vibrant color that lights up your toasts and adds joy to the moment.

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Rosemary Bourbon Smash

Bright, herbaceous and highly enjoyable, this Rosemary Smash cocktail can be sipped throughout all seasons.