Revel in the Season

With spring comes Derby parties, grad parties, cookouts, drinks on the patio, and lazy Sunday libations. With so much cocktail time to be had, it’s always good to remember to pace yourself and keep responsible consumption in mind. The key is to enjoy the season, love the parties, take time to savor, and sip responsibly. 

Old Fashioned Iced Tea

Think you might want a classic cocktail without the alcohol? This refreshing beverage combines the barrel-aged bitters and aromatics of Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup with the sweetness of iced tea. The Twist version features Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

<h2>Old Fashioned Iced Tea</h2>

Game Day Sour

Reflect the brilliance of a game day morning with this lightly sweetened, bubbly, alcohol-free cocktail with hints of citrus and sour. Twist and shout later with Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack.

<h2>Game Day Sour</h2>


Savor the 0 ABV version of this wildly popular cocktail. Aloe vera juice is the tequila replacement, but it still delivers the bitter citrusy flavors of the classic. Twist it later with Tequila Herradura.

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