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The Intersection Between Sports And Spirits

Brett Fieldcamp, CSS, ReserveBar Spirits Contributor


You might not realize how strong the connection between the sports and spirits world is.

On the surface, it’s obvious that one requires peak physical prowess and competitive effort, and the other is a comforting staple of relaxation and recreation. But when it comes to preparation and presentation, there are a few guiding principles that the two worlds share.

Whether it’s the attention paid to both training and aging, the focus on strength and punching power, or the all-important emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, the common ground between sports and spirits is found in practice, performance, and partnership.

Just ask UFC legends Dustin Poirier and Jorge Masvidal, two MMA champions who have both seen knockout success in the world of spirits with Poirier’s Rare Stash Bourbon and Masvidal’s Recuerdo Mezcal.

Dustin Poirier holds a bottle of Rare Stash Bourbon

Practice is Everything

There can’t be any worthwhile competition or sporting performance without the proper training and honing of physical and mental skills. Likewise, you can’t produce a great bottled spirit without putting time and practice into seeking out the best locations, ingredients, and methods.

For Poirier, practice meant tracking down the right barrels for tasting and experimenting to pinpoint the flavorful character that he wanted for Rare Stash Bourbon and putting the requisite time and patience into the barrel aging process. With years spent maturing in perfectly charred American white oak barrels, you might call Rare Stash “well-practiced.”

For Masvidal and Recuerdo Mezcal, practice meant a lifetime of enjoying the agave-distilled spirit with friends and fighters, from growing up on the streets of Miami to exploring the agave fields of Oaxaca.

His experience with all levels of craft and creativity in the spirit led him to imbue Recuerdo with the rough-and-tumble character of a street-level Mezcal (complete with a worm in the bottle) while retaining the clarity and refinement of a fine liquor.

Jorge Masvidal holds a bottle of Recuerdo Mezcal while a woman dressed as Catrina jokingly holds him in a headlock.

A Strong Performance

The focus on strong, confident performance in sports can’t possibly be overstated. It’s everything. You must bring your ‘A’ game every time or risk losing it all. The exact same is true of spirits.

As Poirier and Masvidal both know from the UFC, you want to come out swinging, punch above your weight, and move with grace and balance at all times.

Rare Stash Bourbon knows all about punching above its weight. At 91 proof, it shows off a spicy heat and a surprisingly nimble brightness, ready to knock out the competition.

Recuerdo’s own remarkable performance is all about the deep flavor of smoked agave and the rich, silky texture that can only be achieved by the addition of the traditional “gusano” or Mezcal worm.

Of course, there’s no greater celebration of peak sports performance in spirits than the limited edition Recuerdo 5” KO. Crafted in honor of Masvidal’s own world record five-second knockout against opponent Ben Askren, the 5” KO boasts five gusanos and five months of barrel aging in American white oak casks.

Dustin poses with some of the people on his bourbon team

Teaming Up

Not even the greatest athletes can do it all alone. That’s something that Poirier and Masvidal know from experience themselves as friends, training partners, and teammates in American Top Team.

In that same vein, it takes a great team operating at the highest levels of skill and craft to create a truly memorable and competitive new spirit that can duke it out with all the greats. The same kind of supportive partnership that fighters enjoy with their training teams, Poirier shares with North Carolina’s Southern Distilling Company, and Masvidal shares with Oaxacan distillers Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto. 

Most importantly, just as sports are always best enjoyed surrounded by friends, Rare Stash Bourbon and Recuerdo Mezcal are best enjoyed alongside your partners and supportive teammates. Ready to make your next party a knockout hit? Shop Rare Stash and Recuerdo and find everything you need to stand above the rest.


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