Mindful Mixology for Elevated Hosting

Brett Fieldcamp, CSS, ReserveBar Spirits Contributor


Hosting a party can mean juggling a lot of elements and tending to a lot of moving parts, but above all else, it’s about making sure that everyone has fun and leaves feeling satisfied. That means making sure your guests don’t drink too much, but also making sure that those who choose not to drink enjoy the event as much as those who do.

That’s where Bacardi’s mindful hosting guide, “The Good Spirited Host,” comes in. It’s a perfect primer for how to make sure that every guest at your party has a wonderful time, whether they’re enjoying a strong cocktail, a light sipper, or an alcohol-free drink.

Let’s dive into some conscious cocktails and considerations that are sure to have your guests feeling welcome, no matter how they prefer to drink.


Some people choose not to partake in spirits, but that shouldn’t ever mean that they’re left out of the party. There are countless reasons that someone might choose not to drink; health concerns, recovery, or even the all-important Designated Driver status. However, their reasons should be their business and their decision should be treated with nothing but respect, especially from a good host.

Luckily, refraining from spirits doesn’t mean missing out on any of the fun and creativity that a delicious mixed drink can offer, especially with the growing trend of non-alcoholic alternatives to some of the most flavorful drinks on the market.

Nothing marries fun and style like a fresh, sparkling white wine. However, if you’re hosting a guest that prefers not to imbibe, you’ll want Martini’s Alcohol-Free Aperitivo line, an alcohol-free offering that captures everything great about Italian Aperitivos in a no-proof option. To really take it up a notch, splash in some fruit juice and a spicy garnish to create an alcohol-free Italiano “alcohol-free cocktail” that’s bursting with flavor.

Italiano (Alcohol-Free):

Pour ingredients over cubed ice in a wine glass. Stir gently. Top with soda and add garnish.


Some of your guests might enjoy a festive cocktail, but still not want anything too strong or heavy. Gone are the days of thinking that a fun party requires a wild, raucous time fueled by strong, powerful drinks. More and more drinkers are choosing to enjoy the lighter, lower-proof options that focus more on the complexity and creativity available in a fine cocktail than on the strength and intensity of its alcohol content.

A mouth-watering low-proof cocktail like a St. Germain Spritz is light on alcohol, but it’s never light on flavor. Everyone’s favorite delectable elderflower liqueur, St. Germain sports a light, approachable 40 proof (just 20% alcohol by volume,) making it a wonderful foundation for any low-proof cocktail perfect for both afternoon brunches and evening mixers. Add in some sparkling wine and water and you’ve got a spritz that’s sure to flow like the best conversation.

St. Germain Spritz (Low-Alcohol)

Fill a large wine glass or glass tumbler with cubed ice. Pour in St. Germain and sparkling wine. Add sparkling water to fill. Stir gently. Add garnish.


Of course, you’re likely to still have guests that are searching for a stiffer, full-strength cocktail. As a mindful host, it’s up to you to make sure that they’re drinking within their limits and comfort level and not over-indulging.

The best party is one where everyone leaves feeling comfortable and safe. One of the most reliable ways to ensure that when your guests are enjoying some full-proof drinks is to offer plenty of water, snacks, and encourage moderation.

When approached with mindfulness and reason, a strong, full-proof cocktail can be a delight and a perfect way to elevate the evening for those guests who wish to enjoy something a bit more powerful. An unbeatable way to jazz up a cocktail is by crafting some homemade mixers, syrups, or concentrates of your own, like adding a homemade lemon finishing spray to a classic scotch highball for that extra personalized touch.

Dewar’s Highball (Full-Proof)

Add Dewar’s scotch to highball glass. Fill with ice and soda water. Spritz top of cocktail with homemade lemon finishing spray.

To prepare lemon finishing spray: steep leftover lemon peels in a mixture of 2 parts vodka and 1 part purified water. Strain, cool, and store in an atomizer or small spritzing bottle.


The most important part of hosting is being in tune with what your guests want and need. So find out what they prefer, and then get creative by browsing our full selection of non-alcoholic, low-proof, and full-strength offerings before your event. A mindful host makes for an unforgettable party.

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