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The Best Closing Gifts for Real Estate Agents and Clients

Holly Shaw, DipWSet, ReserveBar Wine Contributor


Buying and selling property is a tough road for most, and closing day represents the culmination of months and probably even years of saving, planning, meetings, trips to the notary, negotiations, stress, and anxiety. It can feel like an actual battlefield for a few months. But at last — closing day! Nothing says, “We did it!” like a meaningful closing gift for the client or agent. 

The dream has become a reality, and it was by no means an individual effort. It’s so nice to give a token of appreciation that says, “Thanks for fighting this uphill battle with me, I value you!” Whether you are the broker, buyer, or seller, gifting your battle mates at the end of the transaction is just plain ol’ good business, not to mention good karma. 

A gift of spirits could be as easy as picking up a bottle of wine on your way to the closing, but we can do better than that. By going the extra mile to show your appreciation, your client or broker will know they’ve been seen for their hard work, and they will enjoy the gift that much more. If you’re struggling with the perfect gift, we’ve compiled this list of suggestions based on some major US cities and areas, but honestly, I’d love to receive anything on this list. The key to great gifting is to keep the client in mind, listen for hints about what they might enjoy (you’ll be spending lots of time with them, after all!), and personalize whenever possible! 

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Before we go into any of the regions, champagne and scotch, both long touted as a celebratory gesture, is a one-size-fits-all gift. In short, it's a gift appropriate for all occasions. It covers congratulations and boasts luxury. Take it one step further and get the bottle engraved with your client's name and date of closing to celebrate their happy new home! Who wouldn't love an engraved "Welcome Home Smith Family!" on an iconic bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label®? This chic gift is sure to be memorable!


POV: you’ve just sold the cutest condo to a young couple, and they’re so excited about their first vacation property. They have dreams of spending long lazy weekends on their deck, at the beach, and exploring the thriving nightlife! My top choice for a “beach” area client gift is a nice bottle of tequila. Whether sipping or mixing, tequila is synonymous with the relaxed and festive atmosphere of coastal living. 

Casa Dragones is a small batch producer crafting high-quality, smooth tequilas. Casa Dragones was co-founded and is led by CEO Bertha González Nieves, and we love a female-led spirits company! The Casa Dragones Joven gift set is the ideal gift. This set comes with Joven tequila and two Riedel tequila glasses.

New Orleans

Given that Sazerac is the honorary cocktail of New Orleans, it only seems fitting that rye whiskey or bourbon would be a fantastic gift for buyers in this area. For the Kentucky Derby fan, Woodford Reserve, the Presenting Sponsor of the Kentucky Derby, is honoring "The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports" with the release of its 2023 commemorative Kentucky Derby bottle, which seems a very fitting gift for anyone buying property and falling in love with New Orleans!

If you’re looking to really impress your client with something top shelf, spring for George Dickel 17 years Old Reserve Tennessee Whisky.

Los Angeles 

Buying a home in Los Angeles is an ordeal. You’re here for your clients who no doubt spent weeks or months searching for the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood off the perfect freeway exit with the closest beach or hiking access they can afford. And you know something they might not know quite yet, LA life is easy living, baby! In Los Angeles, life is simple, temperate, and accessible to some of the world's best beach and mountain adventures.

Don’t overthink this one; buy those LA clients a solid bottle of wine or two (Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque would be my pick) to enjoy al fresco along with the VinXploer backpack. The VinXplorer is designed to carry wine, champagne, or their favorite beverage, whether they head off for a day at the beach, explore local hiking trails, or are just bringing a few choice bottles to a friend’s home for dinner.  

New York

If living in Los Angeles is a long-term relationship, then buying a new home in New York is akin to a 50-year marriage. The culture of New York City is intoxicating and overwhelming, and if the clients are New York newbies, they’ll need some liquid support while they get used to their new digs. Even if they’re just moving across town, buying, selling, and moving in NYC is nothing short of chaotic. The thing is, New York is still the best city in the world, and it’s worth all that angst. Finding that perfect apartment deserves a party to celebrate. Nothing is better or more classic than a gin cocktail. It’s a classic drink that never goes out of style, just like New York. 

This Martini Lovers cocktail kit is a perfect gift that comes equipped with 2 martini glasses, Grey Goose, Noilly Prat Extra Dry Vermouth, and a premium Boston Shaker Set that has everything they need to impress their friends and enjoy their new home in the City of Dreams.


The real estate world is all abuzz lately about certain areas in Arizona that are amazing for vacation properties or even to settle down, and the desert lifestyle is starting to appeal to more folks. The Arizona climate can be compared to certain hot climates in Italy and Spain. In short, prepare for heat! 

On a hot day, I can think of nothing more refreshing at cocktail hour than an Aperol and Cinzano Gift Set enjoyed by my newly purchased pool overlooking my succulent garden and adopted rescue dog. Add some wine glasses by Marquis Waterford, and your client now has all the makings for an Aperol Spritz.


This one is for the author of this article. If I ever “make it” and buy myself a home in Aspen where I can escape in the winter for a few weeks and in the summer for some hiking and biking, I would love to be given a gift of cognac in the form of a Rémy Martin XO with 4 Markham Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashioned Glasses gift set. A French oenophiles dream.

When I’m sitting next to my crackling fire, under my faux-fur blanket, I’ll sip my glass of Bordeaux, followed by Cognac with my engraved bottle and gorgeous glasses, and think to myself how much I appreciate you, my dear broker, for helping me find this home and also providing my current refreshment. 

Whatever you decide to give, a gift is a magical thing at the end of a (most likely) stressful transaction. The gift is your way of keeping your name and service forefront of your client’s minds, and yes, it helps garner referrals. If you’re the buyer, what a nice gesture to your broker to say thanks. The recipient feels special, cared for, and appreciated. Good business was conducted, and of course, it helps to ensure you’ll work together again.

The best part? If you have multiple clients to buy gifts for, our Concierge service is ready to help! Our team can offer suggestions based on budget, arrange custom engraving, handle bulk orders, or recommend the perfect accessory to pair with your client gift. Learn more here.

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