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Aperol Spritz
Made with Aperol, Prosecco and soda water, pair with light bites to recreate the Italian aperitivo moment at home.
Lillet Spritz
As a French wine-based aperitif, the Lillet Spritz is a refreshing light drink that is perfect for any time of day.
818 Tequila
Cucumber Spritz
Enjoy one of our favorite 818 Blanco recipes - the 818 Cucumber Spritz. It’s the perfect minty, cucumber wonder - summer with a shake.
Belvedere Vodka and Whispering Angel
The Sunset Rose
Celebrating the blending of rosé with vodka, the Sunset Rose is a perfect cocktail any summer afternoon.
Absolut Elyx
The Elyx Spritz
Learn how to make the delicious Elyx Spritz cocktail using Absolut Elyx and Lillet Rose with Davide Segat from the Punch Room in London.
AVEC & Uncle Nearest
Persephone Spritz
Think spring with this beautifully hued spritz.
Pink Spritz
The classic spritz gets a new spin with this perfectly balanced cocktail, featuring Calirosa's Rosa Tequila which creates a complex and delicious flavor profile.