Find Your Favorite Recipes
Van Gogh Vodka
Espresso Martini
Created with Van Gogh's signature Double Espresso Vodka, a coffee-inspired creation makes the perfect cocktail.
Espresso Martini
A tequila-based spin on a timeless classic.
Rémy Martin
The Rémy Espresso
The Rémy Espresso cocktail is an elevated take on the classic espresso martini, with added richness and decadent character coming from Rémy Martin 1738.
Cold Brew-tini
Meet your espresso martini's Irish cousin: the Jameson Brew-tini. A fun take on a classic bar cocktail, this smooth sip tastes elegant, but is easy enough to mix up at home.
Coffee Martini
Coffee & Koskenkorva, what a pair!
Butterfly Martini
This blush cocktail is guaranteed to please all your guests.
White Fig Cosmo
Toast the holiday season with a festive white martini.
818 Tequila
Reposado Espresso Martini
A tequila spin on the classic espresso martini with 818 Reposado Tequila.
Hiro Sake
Pomegranate Saketini
The Pomegranate Saketini is Hiro’s delicate and smooth take on the classic martini, packed with inviting earthy tones and a long, elegant finish.
Espresso Martini
Grab a few friends and try taking your martinis to the next level. It all starts with Baileys and espresso!
Dough Ball Whiskey
Dough-spresso Martini
Our most popular and beloved Dough Ball Whiskey cocktail, this espresso martini is the perfect pick-me-up to get the night started.
The Elyx Martini
The indisputable king of cocktails. An Absolut Elyx Martini is the perfect way to celebrate the rich and silky mouthfeel of our luxurious spirit in a mixed drink. Serve chilled, either wet or dry. Ensure it reaches the hands of your guest as cold as possible.
Vesper Martini
Belvedere's Vesper Martini takes advice from our favorite secret agent with a delicious shaken, not stirred cocktail.
The Perky One
A classic combination of Belvedere Vodka and espresso.
Aviation Gin
Julia Child
Sip on Julia Child’s favorite cocktail, the upside-down martini. Enjoy it with Aviation Gin.
Blackleaf Organic Vodka
French Martini
The classic 1980s cocktail gets an elevated twist with Blackleaf Organic Vodka.
Holiday in a glass! Deliciously tangy, with the perfect balance of sweet and citrus.
Espresso Martini
Craft your perfect Espresso Martini with Wheatley Vodka and Grind Espresso Spirits!
Coconut Cartel
Coconut Espresso Martini
A tropical take on the classic espresso martini, elevated by Coconut Cartel's extra smooth tropical sipping rum.