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Hangar 1® Vodka

"Extraordinary… unlike anything I’ve experienced in 13 years of professional spirits evaluation." – Paul Pacult, Spirits Journal

Made in an old WWII aircraft hangar outside of San Francisco, Hangar 1® Vodka is the epitome of handcrafted. Without a doubt, most vodkas begin as a big industrial column still of fermented wheat that is cranked out by thousands of gallons a minute. Hangar 1® is different. Created by the Father of American Craft Distilling, Jorg Rupf, each of their vodkas is distilled in small batches with fresh, in-season fruit from local farms. Their straight vodka is made from a blend of Viognier grapes from Napa Valley and American wheat, a combination which gives a smooth but flavorful spirit. Each of their flavors is naturally infused using the entire fruit – stem, leaves, skin and blossoms – to capture its full and natural profile.

Hangar 1® Vodka. Mandarin, Citron, and Kaffir Lime Flavored Vodkas. 40% Alc/Vol. (80 proof). ©2014 Hangar One, Jersey City, NJ. Please drink Hangar 1® Vodka responsibly.

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