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Nickel & Nickel Trouchard Valley Chardonnay 2017 with L'Atelier du Vin Oeno Collection 2

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Truchard Vineyard lies in the heart of Carneros, prized for its rolling hills, sun exposure and cool, breezy conditions that allow long, even ripening. Nickel & Nickel makes wine from eight select sections of this 270-acre vineyard, composed of volcanic ash and rock with a south western exposure. The growing season tends to be long in this cooler area, allowing for fully mature fruit at harvest.

The 2017 growing season began with adequate rainfall, healthy budbreak and good vine growth. The overall fruit quality looked beautiful and even, thanks in large part to the speckled light and heat protection our larger leaf canopies provided our clusters during the hot, dry summer months. Because both the eastern and western-facing hills experienced the most sun exposure with this vintage, we harvested these faster-ripening hillside blocks much earlier than those in the flat lands. Once in the winery, fruit was pressed, barrel fermented and sur-lie stirred to maximize the juicy flavors, minerality and rich mouthfeel this vineyard consistently provides.

The 2017 Truchard Chardonnay has a beautiful expression of fruit and structure. Pretty aromas of tropical fruits, nutmeg, and stone offer a glimpse of what's on the palate. Pear, ripe pineapple, fig and spice combine with a generous minerality inherent to the vineyard. A balanced acidity provides a rich, creamy mouthfeel that is enhanced by the toasty oak, carrying these fruit flavors into a long, lengthy finish.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Vintages may vary by location; we will ship the most current vintage in stock.

Oeno Collection 1 & 2 are true toolboxes for wine.


1 Chic Monsieur®:
Thin ribbon made of curved metal, designed like an arch upon the bottle’s neck, Chic Monsieur® has also got an expressive head which facilitates its handling, and a self-pulling system with a stainless steel worm, making the cork slip out without effort. Chic Monsieur® has been created to pay a tribute to the corkscrew as a tool, by revealing its naked structure, without embellishments, in order to renew one’s link with a simple and purely functional form. Stainless steel. Design patent.

1 ON/OFF Gard’Vin® metal:
The ON/OFF Gard’Vin® (wine keeper) stops the open wine oxydation (not suitable for sparkling wines). The ON/OFF system is a colour indicator fitted to the Gard’Vin® sealer. It allows you to tell immediately whether or not your opened bottle is protected from the air. Synthetic metal soft touch or chromed.

1 stopper:
The ON/OFF system is a colour indicator fitted to the Gard’Vin® sealer. It allows you to tell immediately whether or not your opened bottle is protected from the air.

1 Cork Opener:
The Cork Opener is the simplest and safest way to easily open all types of champagne and sparkling wine bottles. Easy: bottles can be opened by pressing on the top of the Opener with either an index finger or a thumb. Safe: the cork, held inside the Opener, cannot pop off uncontrollably. Chromed metal. Design patent.

1 Pourer-leaf:
The Pourer-leaf is the first open pourer which oxygenates wine as soon as it comes out of the bottle. Wine aromas are gently stimulated, thanks to the Aroma Lines and the widening out of the leaf. The flow is easily controlled. Stainless steel and food grade synthetic material. Design patent.

1 Chromed metal Foil Cutter:
Simple and efficient professional tool, with its two circular hardened steel blades, the Foil Cutter cuts all foils cleanly in one simple movement. Its two small holes allow you to verify the tool’s right position upon the foil during the cutting process. Its handling can be made by pressing the up side whether with the index or with the thumb. Made form chromed metal and hardened steel. Design patent.

1 Model 54:
Modèle 54 is a universal cork and fits any wine bottle. It keeps intact both the aromas and the bubbles of your unfinished wines. Made in metal and synthetic materials. Design patent.

Size: L 30 cm x W 20 cm x H 5 cm.

Please Drink Responsibly.

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