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Fifty Pounds Gin is made with a combination of grain spirit – which is already distilled four times before we use it, to give greater purity – and our botanicals; juniper, coriander seeds, orange and lemon peel, angelica root, savory, liquorice powder, grains of paradise, a perfectly balanced combination of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers which give Fifty Pounds Gin its unique flavour profile. In what proportions though, we can’t tell you. As we like to say, “our recipe is secret, the botanicals are not.”

Production of Fifty Pounds Gin is similarly shaped by history. No shortcuts; high levels of care and attention from sourcing the finest botanicals to distilling in small batches; in short, the way things used to be done. It is this attention to detail that gives Fifty Pounds Gin its remarkable smoothness and exceptional quality.

Fifty Pounds Gin is our name not our price! The result is a London Dry Gin that spans the centuries and allows us the liberty to describe Fifty Pounds Gin as historic in essence, modern in spirit.

Bottle size: 750ml

Please Drink Responsibly.

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Notes of Scent & Flavor

  • Color

    Fifty Pounds Gin is colourless in appearance “water white”, if you will – with spirit tails on the side of the glass.
  • Aroma

    On the nose, it’s classic in character, with a predominant bouquet of juniper and coriander, balanced by its citrus and spice notes.
  • Taste

    On the palate Fifty Pounds Gin is smooth but complex, opening with juniper, but followed by the citrus constituents, and a hint of spice and earthiness. This gives way to a long, fresh finish, that’s clean, dry and with a touch of heat.
  • Finish

    This gives way to a long, fresh finish, that’s clean, dry and with a touch of heat.

“Historic in essence, modern in spirit.”


Fifty Pounds Gin is produced in the south- west of London, at a small, celebrated distillery with more than two centuries of tradition behind it, with a beautiful still manufactured by the legendary John Dore & Co Limited.

Under the guidance of our distiller, a Master of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, no less, we use a centuries old method called “Batch Process Distillation”, because we feel this is the purest and most efficient way of obtaining the finest gin spirit.

Featured Cocktail Recipe

Fifty Pounds Martini


60 ml Fifty Pounds Gin
15 ml Dry vermouth
Olives or a twist or lemon, for garnish


  1. We recommend you put a cocktail glass in the freezer to chill.
  2. Combine the gin and vermouth in a shaker, fill it halfway with ice, and stir vigorously making sure it’s super chilled, about 20 seconds.
  3. Strain into the chilled glass.
  4. Garnish with olives or a twist of lemon. (If using a twist, run the slice around the rim of the glass).