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Aviation American Gin Ryan Reynolds Signature Bottle
Aviation Gin

Aviation American Gin Ryan Reynolds Signature Bottle

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When Aviation Gin asked their owner, Ryan Reynolds, to do a signature bottle he went above and beyond by blowing the bottle himself and etching his signature. Yes, there are safer and easier ways but Ryan would go further for his company.

Aviation is America’s original craft gin. Created by pioneering bartender, Ryan Magarian and master distiller, Christian Krogstad, in Portland Oregon, it is the culmination of their quest for a more versatile and mixable gin.

Instead of being overpowered by juniper – the flavor of which many perceive to be “harsh” or “medicinal” – Aviation is a balanced blend of seven botanicals: juniper, cardamom, lavender, sarsaparilla, coriander, anise seed, and dried orange peel.

Aviation’s botanicals are infused by maceration – steeping them until the flavors have bonded – then redistilled. Many other gins are infused by vapor distillation– passing heated alcoholic vapors through a basket of botanicals.

Portion of proceeds of each bottle sold will be donated to The Exuma Foundation.

The Exuma Foundation is a community based non- profit organization and for more than 20 years has been supporting the Island of Exuma through education, environmental and a variety of programs and social causes. The Foundation has set up a Go Fund Me account to receive donations to support the workers who were not paid by Fyre Festival organizers. They have also formed a local committee and are working closely with the contractors  to distribute the funds received on their go fund me account page.  

Bottle Size: 750ml

Please Drink Responsibly.

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California Residents: for Proposition 65 WARNING

Notes of Scent & Flavor

  • Juniper in the Background

    It’s more of the bassist in this band.
  • Citrus and other Flavors in the Front

    Floral. Subtle. Balanced.

“Aviation Gin is a unique American take on gin – softer, smoother, and more subtle than London Dry gins. ”


Created by pioneering bartender, Ryan Magarian and master distiller, Christian Krogstad, in Portland Oregon, it is the culmination of their quest for a more versatile and mixable gin.

Their journey was inspired by the cocktail tradition of the Jazz Era and one of its most influential bartenders, Hugo Ennsilin, author of the last cocktail recipe book published before Prohibition. The vision was to create a gin that blended perfectly with Hugo’s American-style gin cocktails. None was as important as Hugo’s masterpiece, the Aviation Cocktail. Meticulously experimenting with ingredient and technique, Ryan and Christian tested each craft distilled batch using the Aviation Cocktail as the ultimate benchmark. They finally landed on a truly unique creation. A gin that was smoother, subtler, more harmonious. Capturing the lushness and freshness of the Pacific Northwest, they achieved a balanced medley of botanicals, propelled by citrus with juniper in the background.
Aviation American Gin

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Featured Cocktail Recipe

Aviation Soda


3 oz Aviation American Gin
2 oz Club Soda
Orange Garnish


  1. Stir into glass over ice, garnish and serve.