Mijenta Tequila Summer in Arandas

Watermelon is one of the quintessential summer snacks and Mijenta Tequila has created a flavorful twist in their Summer in Arandas cocktail. Enjoy the refreshing taste of muddled watermelon that compliments the crisp tequila perfectly.

Mijenta Tequila - Summer in Arandas Video


1 1/2 parts Mijenta Blanco Tequila
4 Watermelon cubes (1 1/2 in. by 1 1/2 inch)
1 part Fresh lime juice
1/2 part Elderflower liqueur
1/4 part Simple syrup


  1. Muddle the watermelon, add the rest of the ingredients, and shake vigorously with plenty of ice.
  2. Double strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice.
  3. Garnish with a salted watermelon cube.

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