11 Ways to Mix Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

Gregg James Kelly, UK-based Spirits Writer


There’s not a more enchanting moment than watching much-loved friends and family celebrate their wedding day. A day wrapped up in hope and promise, with a lifetime of heartfelt moments and memories awaiting the happy couple.

One of the everlasting trends for wedding season is a custom cocktail that celebrates the couple's signature style. With thousands of potential combinations to mix up libations, adding a signature cocktail to the list of to-dos in planning the wedding can be overwhelming. Not to worry! We’re here to offer you some top cocktails that will be perfect for making a memorable wedding day even more special.


An elegant cocktail, perfect for the nighttime relaxing reception.

Pour the gin, vermouth, and Campari into a mixing glass with ice, and stir well until the outside of the glass feels frosty to the touch.

Add a large ice cube to a large whisky glass and slowly strain the cocktail mix over the ice. Express orange peel over the cocktail, discard, and garnish with a slice of fresh orange.


Every happy couple deserves to feel like royalty on their special day, and there’s no refreshment more regal than the delicious Kir Royale.

  • 2 oz. Chambord
  • 3 ½ oz. Champagne Pol Roger
  • Raspberry (garnish)

Pour the Chambord into the bottom of a champagne flute. Placing the flat bottom of the spiral cocktail spoon above the liqueur, slowly pour the champagne down the stem, raising the spoon as it reaches the liqueur.

Garnish with a raspberry in the glass and serve.


The honeymoon is the first promising step on the path to a joyful and beautiful future full of priceless, precious memories. Begin the adventure to lifelong happiness with the sweet, honeyed taste of a Brazilian-born Caipirinha.

  • 1 ¾ oz. Cachaça
  • 1-2 Limes
  • 1 oz. Honey

Place two lime slices and honey into a rocks glass and muddle the ingredients together. Add crushed ice, drench the contents of the glass in Cachaça, and stir. Add lime wheel for garnish.


This is the moment the wedding party has been waiting for. It’s the moment the bride and groom have dreamt about since falling in love! Celebrate this unique moment with a fabulously refreshing frozen fruit cocktail.

Add the frozen mango, rum, and peach liqueur to a blender and blend on high speed. After blending, pour the frozen cocktail into a sling glass, drizzle the cocktail with a kiss of grenadine and stir.

Garnish with cherries and a triangle of pineapple.


As classic as the wedding ceremony itself, the Old Fashioned is perfect for guests who like refined traditional tastes. This cocktail has a hint of sweetness mixed with aromatic flavors, and a powerful explosion of bourbon.

Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass with ice. Stir until the glass is frosty to the touch and strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.

Cut a slice of orange peel, run it along the rim of the glass, and drop it in.


This gin sling is a new cocktail, perfect for those daring wedding guests that are lovers of surprisingly sweet strawberry-flavored pink gin.

Add the pink gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and bitters into a Boston shaker, fill it with ice, and shake. Strain the cocktail into a tall sling or Collins glass filled with ice, and slowly top with tonic.

Garnish with strawberries and lemon wedge.


Borrowing the name from the country and language of love in its title, the ‘French’ Martini’s origins hail from New York. However, there’s no stronger declaration of the language of love than the promise of spending eternity betrothed to the love of your life.

  • 1 ½ oz. Aviation Gin
  • 1 ½ oz. Chambord
  • 2 oz. fresh pineapple juice
  • Raspberries
  • Raspberry sauce

Chill a martini glass with ice and soda. Pour the vodka, Chambord, and pineapple juice into a Boston Shaker, add two raspberries, fill with ice, and shake.

Empty the martini glass, strain the cocktail into the glass, garnish with a raspberry, and serve. To add a small wedding delight, use raspberry sauce to draw a love-heart shape around the raspberry garnish.


A perfect refreshment for a sun-kissed, beautifully balmy summer wedding. As the sun sets on a memorable beach wedding, matched only by the endless horizon of the open blue ocean, a unique mojito with hints of vanilla can help capture the perfect moment in a perfect memory.

Put 6 blueberries, lime juice, and simple syrup in your Collins glass and muddle the ingredients. Clap the mint leaves between your hands to extract aromas, and then add it along with rum and crushed ice to the glass. Stir and top up with tonic. Garnish with a sprig of mint and blueberries or a lime wheel.


Whether your wedding takes place on an exotic landscape or somewhere more intimate with friends and family, this cocktail will bring an experience of the cosmopolitan wherever you’re celebrating the big day.

Pour the spiced rum, curaçao, orgeat, lime juice, and simple syrup into a Boston Shaker, add ice, and shake.

Fill a rock glass with crushed ice and strain the cocktail over the top. Drizzle the dark rum over the drink, allowing the colors to trickle through, creating a shimmer of rusty gold.

Garnish with pineapple, sliced lime, and maraschino cherries.


The perfect cocktail to serve the bride and bridesmaids to settle any wedding morning nerves. A simple combination that’s both elegant and bubbly, much like the blushing bride on her wedding day.

Add peach purée to the champagne flute and slowly top with Prosecco. Garnish with a peach slice. Serve as is.


An ideal cocktail for wedding guests that aren’t fans of traditional cocktails, meaning that everyone gets to rejoice and participate in the revelry. This recipe serves 4.

  • 12 oz. Teremana Tequila
  • 12 oz. Crushed Ice
  • 12-Pack Case of Corona Beer
  • 6 oz. Lime juice
  • Sliced limes and salt (garnish)

Chill your margarita cocktail glass. Combine all ingredients except the beer in a blender and blend. Transfer into a pitcher, add bottles of Corona and stir. Empty the margarita glass, rim with lime and salt, pour the mixture into the martini glass, and serve.

So there you have it, 11 incredible cocktails guaranteed to grab the entire wedding's attention. If these don’t fit your dream wedding aesthetic, don’t worry! We have hundreds of recipes in our Cocktail Lounge. Looking for something that’s ready-to-serve, no mixing necessary? Then shop our incredible selection of Ready-to-Drink Beverages!

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