Tanqueray Ten
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Tanqueray No. Ten

Tanqueray No. TEN takes its name from ‘Tiny Ten’, the nickname of the small copper pot still where every drop is produced, but there is nothing minor about its flavour. The only gin made using whole citrus fruit, including white grapefruit, lime, and orange, along with juniper, coriander, and a hint of chamomile flowers, No. TEN has a unique, full-bodied character and citrus undertone. It is this combination of full body and fresh flavor that has made it a perennial favourite amongst passionate bartenders. And it’s not only these bartenders who applaud No. TEN. Upon its launch, this gin was crowned ‘Best White Spirit” three times in a row at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, at which point it was retired from the competition into the Hall of Fame, where it remains the only white spirit. Tanqueray No. TEN is renowned for its versatility, and is in fine form in classic stirred drinks such as the Martini and Negroni, as well as in fruit forward cocktails such as the Southside and Clover Club.

Bottle Size: 750ml

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Perfect Holiday Gift For Father's Day, New Year's Eve, Christmas
Ideal For These Gift Occasions Housewarming, "Thank You", Bachelor Party, Birthday
Please Drink Responsibly.
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